No two drivers are the same, so why should driving instruction be?
Our instructors will take the time to hear your story and will customize the behind the wheel training just for you.

Want to hear a few client stories?

"He's the Best Around- No Question About It! – I went into Mr. Faulkner's Driving School as a teen driver that didn't have confidence on the road. Practicing with my parents was becoming so stressful that I just wanted to give up. I felt like all my friends were driving, and I was the only one that couldn't do it. This is when I confided in Mr. Faulker, and he worked with me to make me into a VERY strong driver. Not only does he teach you how to master correct driving technique, but Mr. Faulkner stresses safety and showed me how to make the safest decisions on the road- all the time. I am now a GREAT, safe driver, and I know that I wouldn't have been able to do it without such a wonderful mentor. Thanks to Mr. Faulker, I have all of the tools that I need."

"I have spent the past few months sitting in the passenger seat with my 3 teens which wasn't easy. Although they were doing well my husband and I felt they needed an objective and experienced teacher. I saw the article in the Observer about Mr. Faulkner and I knew it was meant to be. I quickly called him and after meeting him I knew my kids were in great hands. Of course at first my kids thought it was a stupid idea. After driving with Mr. Faulkner my kids have thanked me and told me what a great experience it was. He was patient and taught them things that I wouldn't have thought of. Now I can feel a sense of relief that I now have three confident drivers on the road!"

Faulkners Driving School specializes in helping all types of drivers!
Don't take our word for it check out this article by the Charlotte Observer

Our instructors will work with you!

We provide tailored instructions around your individual needs

  • Driving on two, four, six, and eight-lane roads
  • Negotiating a variety of intersections
  • Turns: U-turns, two-point turns, three-point turns & figure-eights
  • Backing Parking Driving exposure (city, interstate, rural, residential, shopping center, etc.)


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Basic Program:   5 days of in-car driving instruction (10 hours)   $600.00

Intermediate Program:   8 days of in-car driving instruction (16 hours)   $960.00

Advanced Program:   22 days of in-car driving instruction (22 hours)   $1320.00

Expert Program:   15 days of in-car driving instruction (30 hours)   $1800.00

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