Have you received traffic tickets?
Are you facing an upcoming court date for moving violations?

Faulkner’s Driving School offers individuals who have been cited with a moving violation the op-portunity to attend our Safe Driving Course. While our course is not licensed to allow for a re-duction in points on your license, your attendance will demonstrate to the Court your commit-ment to comply with the rules of the road and may be used by your attorney in an effort to obtain a reduced charge. Faulkner’s Driving School does not guarantee that you will receive a reduced charge. However, completion of the Safe Driving Course will provide you with the tools and skills to become a safe driver, indicate to a Court of Law your efforts to rectify your infraction, and help your attorney achieve the best possible outcome.


Our instructors are here to help and work with you!
We provide tailored instructions around your individual needs!


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Safe Driving Course

4 hours of classroom


What Our Clients Say About Us

  • Mr. Faulkner was my high school driver's ed teacher at Sun Valley. About 21 years ago I took my lessons with him and still to this day I still remember his advice when driving always look ahead of you and not in front of you. Also remember the times he was really patient with the students more patient and I could be LOL and he always took us out to lunch nobody ever did not eat. He always really wanted you to succeed and is such a cool nice guy. My goddaughter in two more years will be doing her driver's education classes I will only recommend mr. Faulkner

    ---- Cheryl Blanchard-Helms
  • Faulkner's Driving School is the best driving school to trust with your child. They set wonderful foundations and their driving lessons are customized to fit your child's ability and comfort, while still opening their eyes to the possibilities and capabilities of other drivers on the road. My daughter greatly enjoyed her time driving and taking the class.

    ---- Raechel McClellan
  • Just dropped of my last teen for driving school. This is our 5th time Mr Faulkner. All of our experiences have been positive. All of our children have passed and are safe and successful drivers. His staff are flexible and easy to work with.

    ---- Christie Panto
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